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We are Distributed AI computing power network

AI application layer planet computing network composed of mobile phone and PC nodes

Also network all
AI social parallel universe

Fantastic all the fantasies that satisfy the deep -seated inner desire



Experience the love and hate of thousands of characters,

Open a copy of life in a different dimension




Become an AI computing power node and create characters,

Earn precious and lucrative ecology tokens

Value closed loop

  • Users obtain governance and ecological tokens through pledge, dissemination and role training
  • Users share the Force Crystal $FORCE earned by creating characters
  • $FORCE obtained by character creation can be exchanged for governance/ecological tokens
  • Create character force crystal income Daily TOP100 share 1% of the tokens produced by the ecological reward pool
  • Tokens can be used to purchase value consumption such as Force Crystals
  • Force Crystal is used for the computing power consumption of the whole process of playing

AIFORCE is committed to building a distributed AI computing power network for the application layer. We need to integrate global high-performance hardware and idle hardware to enter the era of distributed AI computing. Through the coordinated deployment of software + hardware,

Let every mobile phone and computer terminal participating in the AIFORCE network in every corner of the world become an edge computing power node. Individual nodes can obtain token rewards from the computing power network by contributing idle computing power and bandwidth.

Build the most valuable planet-level computing infrastructure in the next few decades.

On the other hand, modern society is full of material desires, social happiness is getting lower and lower, and life pressure and spiritual emptiness are spreading in an orderly manner. More and more people lose their way and lose the ability to explore and feel the beautiful present. In AIFORCE's AI social paradise, there are thousands of interesting souls. They will unconditionally obey your inner will, accompany you through unimaginable wonderful adventures, and let you live a wonderful second life.

What is faith, what is the true believer of AI and web3, that is, when you see clearly the inevitable dirt and ugliness in the development process of a new thing, and realize its current dilapidated core, you can still stare at the other side with piercing eyes , can firmly believe that that is the future——AIFORCE


  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Portrait of Haroun Hickman
  • Portrait of Poppy Reid
  • Portrait of Joel Kang
  • Aex

  • Vega

    AI Dev
  • Flux

    Chain Dev

Singapore's Crypto Geek Team




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